Dinolympics Written on February 17, 2014, by .

Monday Sketcharoo! 2DinolympicsBlogA quick sketch to wish our athletes the best of luck! Guys, no matter what they are, I hope your Olympic dreams come 100% true.


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Stick a fork in it. Written on January 6, 2014, by .



The book is done.

What started off as vision of an antique store helmed by a talking bulldog clerk that wandered into my head during a midnight ramble ended up a 32-page adventure through lands marked by fiery rebellions, sea-sunk civilizations, stone giants, and dark nights of the soul. Oh, and there’s also two scenes in a sushi bar for some reason.

All it took to get from that quaint flight of fancy to a real deal book was a pinch of imagination, a little luck, and an unhealthy amount of work. It was like giving birth, only it took 11 months and I was in labor the entire time.

Copies will be showing up on bookshelves this fall. I know it’s a ways off, but I’ll remind you when the time comes, and often. And I’ll share more images from the book in the run-up to its publication.

In the meantime, enjoy this little watercolor of the bulldog himself, inspecting a famous animated ball (painted for a friend who was kind enough to give me a tour of Pixar last summer).


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Swine Tasting Written on August 14, 2013, by .

Posting here has been more sporadic than usual lately as I’m hammering through the final stage of my picture book. I’ll try to get some sneak peeks up soon if I can find a spare minute in my 80-hour work week.

In the meantime, enjoy this cloven-hoofed connoisseur of quality cordials I painted for a friend’s birthday. You might recognize him as the spokespig for Japan’s most popular potable:

“For Relaxing Times, Make it Sowtory Time.”

Sorry, sometimes the puns are a little ham-fisted.



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Taiwannabe Written on August 1, 2013, by .

Do you live in Taiwan, or know someone from Taiwan, or are an ambassador to the UN from a country with healthy diplomatic relations with Taiwan and have no scruples against using your position to pull a few strings, magazine-wise?


dpi Magazine, the great Taiwanese journal of illustration art, has recently released their 2013 Bologna Book Fair retrospective, which includes a short interview with your’s truly and a selection from my book Mel Goaté and the Purple Velvet Tuxedo. I can’t remember what I said in the interview, but I’m sure it’s brilliant and well worth a trip to Google Translate. Also included are other, not-me illustrators from the Fair whose work’ll make you feel like you’ve been socked in the eyeballs with a rainbow.

So if you’ve got 480 Taiwanese dollars laying around, pick up a copy today! And I promise that next post will have nothing to do with either Bologna or magazines.


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Back to School Written on May 6, 2013, by .

Growing up, I missed out on a lot of those traumatizing childhood experiences charitably described as “character-building.” Never broke a limb, never had braces, never broke a limb while struggling to detach my braces from the braces of my first kiss. Never saw Mac and Me.

And I never had to ride the school bus. So my entire understanding of how they operate is as follows: A) their wheels go round and round, and B) they are fueled by the ear-abusing shrieks of their delinquent passengers.

Little wonder, then, that when I got the assignment for The Normal School‘s Spring issue with the co-themes of “cutting class” and “4-H club,” the first thing that came to mind was a bus stocked with clamorous farm animals. It’s pure coincidence that both school kids and barnyard animals are ecstatic Beliebers.

The issue’s on newsstands now, so if you like quality literature and goats, snatch this up ASAP!


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